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Welcome to a day in the life of the Little Bird Nest. We’re a family that wakes up with songs about Ben Franklin and how he put his pants on just like we did, and how we, like Ben Franklin, can make the world a little better by following what we love and by caring for each other and our society. Of course, family life offers many challenges. What happens when you don’t brush your hair??? Birds may come flying through the air and land right in your Dreadlocks! Sometimes the dog eats your shoe, so, you have to walk in circles…Boo Hoo! The iPod becomes the center of the Universe instead of real connections with real people, and dinner becomes a see-food festival…put down your iPod and eat your dinner girl! There is lots of room in the Little Bird Nest for you and your family. Join us on a musical journey through our day and be the best you can be!

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Jim, Abby, and Keely Hughes (and Rasa and THE CAT too!)
The Little Bird Nest