Counseling & Stress Reduction

There are lots of ups and downs in life… twists…and turns. Some people choose to navigate difficulties alone. However, you are likely reading this because you are tired of doing it all by yourself. You’re thinking about a little help and support. Reaching for help is a wise thing. It is a sign of health.

Jim Hughes has over 25 years experience as a Specialty Clinician and is a former faculty member of the UMASS STRESS REDUCTION CLINIC that was featured on Bill Moyers Healing and the Mind. He got his start working with Children at a crises shelter, Casa De los Ninos, and in the trenches at The Arizona Children’s Home. Moved by the profound transformations he witnessed, he attended graduate school while working at Wellspring, a long-term therapeutic community in Bethlehem Connecticut. Upon graduation, he worked for the renowned UMASS STRESS REDUCTION CLINIC with Jon Kabat-Zinn teaching meditation and stress reduction in the hospital as well as in prisons. He went on to work for the Connection treating a specialty population and then exclusively in private practice for the last 18 years.

Jim founded SuperKids Academy as a resource for children and families where he conducts classes and groups using martial arts, stress reduction, yoga, and art and art therapy to help children develop and be the best that they can be.

In all his endeavors, Jim specializes in child development, mindfulness-based stress reduction, to help heal through difficult emotional and medical issues, challenging adult relationship and intimacy issues, and internet and pornography addiction. He is an expert in the Court on such matters and is trusted by Judges and Prosecutors to provide important evaluations and treatment that help clients and families and the community be a safer place.

Jim is particularly interested in helping people with chronic medical problems such as heart disease, hypertension, A1C issues, diabetes, chronic pain, and other medical issues.

Jim utilizes mindfulness-based stress reduction, yoga, diet, journaling, Cognitive Behavioral Trauma Informed Therapy, DBT, Neuro Linguistic Programming, art, and offers private individual sessions as well as group sessions to help people.

Please call 860 233 THREE THOUSAND to schedule a confidential consultation.

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