Picture yourself surrounded by love and warmth… Your deepest sense of self invited to come out and play… Imagine all the things you hoped to experience in life as a child coming to fruition…. and more… The excitement of the Creative Energy of the Universe moving through you… and connecting you with others who are like minded… Enter Art Paradise… You are home…
Find your Essence in Art Paradise…

It’s simple. Start with one class or open studio session: Drawing, painting, pottery, sewing, basket weaving. Make some thread… the kind that touches you deeply while you feel the soft wooly fiber running through your fingers… Spin a yarn, with a new friend, the kind that is real, authentic, and open-hearted. Remake yourself, out of the stuff of life that’s close at hand, and find something new, inside you… share it… and make the world a better place.

Call 860 233 3000 for studio times to make and paint your own pottery… and art classes in every genre… schedule a group class with your friends… or come in and make some new friends… in Art Paradise…. We are currently open to private clients and small group specialty seminars by appointment only. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Our base is pottery and ceramics. We hand build, slip cast, and throw clay. Imagine making your own coffee mug or tea cup… cereal bowl… serving platers and dishes… instead of getting your China from China, how about making it with your own hands right here in West Hartford… imagine gathering your friends together and getting your hands dirty, enjoying each others company and really connecting while you make something you have always wanted… Its fun… and its therapeutic… It helps you feel more alive and connected and stress-free. Design, make, and paint your own pottery and works of art… Call Art Paradise at 860 233 3000 for studio times and classes.

Hand Building, Mold Pouring, Throwing on the Wheel… let your inner child come alive. Play in the mud as you make something beautiful with your friends. Make something for yourself and give gifts made with love from your own hands and hearts. In addition to pottery and ceramics, we have classes in the following genres of art:

Zen & Ink.
Fiber arts: spinning, weaving, knitting… Sewing…. Felting, Basket Making.
Woodcut printmaking and bookmaking
Costume design and creation

Call Art Paradise right now at 860 233-3000 and make your dreams reality. You’ll be glad you did… We schedule time by appointment only for individuals, families, and groups.